5 Best Places to Visit in Scotland

Loch Ness

This the most popular loch of Scotland and is a top tourist destination. It is mostly famous due to the Loch Ness monster called Nessie.  The lake is surrounded by picturesque villages with the most popular being Drumnadrochit. This quaint village is the home of the Loch Ness exhibition center situated around the lake. The Loch Ness is quite deep in a few areas measuring up to seven hundred and fifty-five feet. This large waterway connects the west and east coasts of Scotland. It is also the most scenic of the Caledonian canal attributed to the Urquhart castle that rises above the water on the hillside.




Edinburgh has been Scotland’s capital serving as the seat of parliament dating as far back as the 15th century. The city is almost mystique with its location atop several extinct and dormant volcanoes overlooking the sea waters. The Old medieval town has cobblestone streets winding their way through, juxtaposed by the Georgian architecture of the 18th-century New town with its shop collection. This provides that mystique feeling to touring visitors. The Fringe is the world’s largest international arts festival and it is conducted here in Edinburgh making it famous. There’s a dining place in the area that serve dinner menus and recipes you can be sure to be happy about. 




The Hebrides are a series of rocky and mountainous invading the north-west coast of Scotland. They are mostly classified as the inner or the outer Hebrides. There are more than fifty islands making up both the inner and outer Hebrides, most popularly the Isle of Skye. The Hebrides are a definite destination to fans of Scottish Gaelic music as well as literature. This archipelago has its fair share of spectacular sandy beaches that attract numerous tourists year round. The island of Islay is known internationally for having one of the world’s best whiskey.




This Scotland Glen is situated in the stunningly beautiful Lochaber Geopark. At the foot of the narrow valley formed eons ago by the melting glaciers and eruptions, lies the village of Glencoe. The Glen is located approximately twenty-seven kilometers to the south of Fort William. Hikers have a beautiful scenery of the Scottish wildlife and the mountains especially Buachaille Etive Mor which is shaped like a pyramid. Glencoe is also the closest ski area to Glasgow city and as such is popular with winter hikers and climbers.Located on this U shaped valley is a monument that was erected to commemorate the massacre of 1692 when the Macdonalds were ambushed by the Argylls .


Loch Lomond


It is strategically located in the Trossachs National Park and is statistically the largest loch in Great Britain. With more than thirty islands, Loch Lomond is a bonnie lake. Of the British Isles, the island of Inchmurrin is the largest. The Trossachs is a small valley of woodland and both were combined forming the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park back in 2002. The strikingly beautiful scenery is littered with waterfalls and hills. Other notable visit sites are the ancient ruins of the church and burial grounds at a place called Inchcailloch.


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